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Truth is Here.

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Heart: Vulnerable yet Powerful

That thing called love is the power of this vulnerable fragile heart...

This vulnerable heart...
cries at the drop of a hat, yet smiles for the sake of others because it deeply cares...
so powerful is this vulnerable heart...

This fragile heart...
breaks into million pieces when hurt, yet gathers itself and dreams again...
so courageous is this fragile heart...

This poor heart...
acts dumb and silent on face of humiliation, yet understands and forgives...
so enduring is this stupid heart...

This timid heart...
gets frightened at slightest harshness, yet it bears the anger and hurt and let it go...
so compassionate is this timid heart...

This stupid heart
feels neglected by those it loves, yet it never stops loving...
so loving is this stupid heart...
This is because that thing called love is the power of this vulnerable and fragile heart...
I often wonder why did we as a human race stopped listening to heart and started paying attention only to thoughts? Thoughts - the intelligent bundles of words and images come and as we pay attention to them, they manifest as personality, habits, decisions and create our life. We consider listening to heart as foolish and let out thoughts create our life. But, we need to ponder that why are we not happy, content and calm in this hi-tech world created by our thoughts -  a tech-savvy world with millions of gadgets, technologies, and amenities to make life easier and convenient? 

In fact, we do not even have time to enjoy all that has been created. Why are we so busy, empty, restless, anxious and sleepless? That is because happy life comes from happy experiences; happy experiences come from happy feelings and happy feelings come from happy heart. The heart is happy when we are being our true self or spirit or essence. For this, we need to listen to the voice of the nothingness or voice within that is intuition which is communicated via heart.

What is Heart?
Human body is matter and matter is nothing but energy vibrating at a lower frequency. Still, 99.9% of human body is empty or the divine energy and only 0.1% is matter or solid energy. There are many energy centres in the body through which various aspects of divine energy manifest. The love and compassion aspect of divine energy or nothingness manifests at the energy centre called heart chakra. The physical manifestation of heart chakra is the organ heart which beats really fast when we are frightened, skips a beat when shocked or in love, gets an attack when it is full of blocked energy of suppressed emotions and feelings.

The higher intelligence or universal consciousness or universal mind manifests as a pure heart and the purpose of an individual form is communicated as intuition which is heard as voice of the heart. What we call mind is an array of zillions of thoughts and images, but that is not what really mind is; that is memory - storehouse of all that happened or was told. Mind is much expansive and bigger than storehouse of what happened. Mind is the creative force - intelligence - one of the aspects or attribute of divine energy. Mind tells the heart what to create via intuition - intuition is the higher thought or intelligence. Heart communicates via feelings and by paying attention to the feelings, we know what to create. This information is processed by brain and then it accesses memory to get practical data in order to manifest the communicated purpose in reality or the physical world.

Thus memory, mind, and heart have their defined purposes. But, we have meddled all up as we have forgotten the art of living or perhaps, we are learning the art of living. Art of living includes clearing your memory regularly and choosing to store healthy and useful data while clearing away toxic images and thoughts. Art of living means listening to your heart which is telling you to do what universal mind is communicating as per the bigger picture or divine plan. Remove your labels and conditioning and let memory, mind, and heart do what they are meant for.

Trust your Heart
We need to start trusting our heart and let it guide us. To build up this trust and connection we need to understand the power and capabilities of heart and believe in its amazing creativity and beauty. Let us do a simple exercise. Please ask yourself the following questions, ponder and reflect on them and write down the answers (read my answers later):

Q1. Is forgiving, even when you are deeply hurt, a weakness?
Q2. Is waiting for someone or something that defines your passion, stupidity?
Q3. Is understanding the pain behind someone's anger, dumbness?
Q4. Is bearing difficulties for higher good, a sign of weakness?
Q5. Is loving unconditionally, a sign of timidity?

A1. I feel it is easy to resent, hold a grudge and revenge, but it takes strength of a million stars to forgive, when you are deeply hurt.
A2. I think it is a mark of intelligence to understand the complexity of human emotions and thoughts and let them go.
A3. I feel it is a sign of being alive to be able to pursue your passion and dream, no matter what.
A4. I think it is a sign of wisdom to be able to see the bigger picture.
A5. I think and feel that the world is nothing without love, and to be able to love unconditionally is the power endowed to every human being.

You get the picture now. Your heart is your power - power to love and experience your true self, which is joy and bliss. Do not be afraid of being called a fool or being proved wrong. Trust your heart - you can try the following techniques to help you:

  • Meditation: Meditation calms the mind and slows down the thoughts so that you can see and experience what lies beyond thoughts, and emotions. There is deep silence within - the empty space. As thoughts calm down, and inner silence prevails, nothingness dawns. With this, the sound of silence becomes audible - that is intuition.
  • Affirmation: Words are powerful thoughts that are communicated and created by universal mind. Listening to your heart and writing some powerful affirmations and repeating them daily starts shaping your thoughts in a new and fresh way, thus changing the course of life. A simple line or two is also enough, for example:
    Right now, I drop my fearful and negative thoughts
    Right now, I choose to live and love
    Right now, I am the power, I am the beauty and I am the love.
  • Reading: Read good inspirational, spiritual, self-help content to keep you motivated, inspired and on track. Words have a huge impact on the mind, hence feed positive and healthy information to your mind and memory. Watch what you watch, think, read, and hear.
As soon as you see yourself being swayed by logical thoughts, negative people or difficult situations, say that affirmation, close your eyes and connect to the silence within, keep a hand on your heart and say ''I trust you, please guide me''. 

Let your heart fly and show you realms and dimensions which you thought were mere fantasies.

Copyright © Rashmit Kalra. All rights reserved
Photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton & MTSOfan via photopin cc

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